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Four Hearts Books

Courtney  Woodward, Author

Creating heartfelt children's stories

while incorporating music education.

About the Author

Music Education with Heart


Courtney is a children's book author and former music educator. She incorporates basic musical knowledge inside heartfelt stories—stories that include long-lasting life lessons.


Courtney hopes that music education will become an easily accessible, essential subject for students of all ages! 

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What people are saying:

Kim C.

Such a great book to introduce the instrument families! I would highly recommend for music teachers and anyone looking to teach children about instruments.

This book is great!

The illustrations are adorable and it is perfect for teaching instrument families. My own children loved the book, so I know my students will too!!

A story that pulls you in with adorable illustrations sure to get your students interested in the families of instruments and how they work together. A must for the elementary music teacher's library!

Beth A.

Regina D.

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